Make Dry March or Moderation March an Easy Decision!
I have received many requests from my loyal customers for a recording to help them get through March after a successful Dry January and / or Dry February. I’ve called it Moderation March!

It’s a perfect opportunity to get into some really good healthy drinking habits this month that support your goal of being a regular moderate drinker. It’s also about building more natural future drink less moments too.

One of the great things about this new recording is that it will help cut out the urge for that ‘extra’ drink. You know that little niggle drink moment that many worry about but just can’t seem to stop.

As an added bonus, I am also offering a longer subliminal version of this recording too. You can play it in the background at home while you chill out doing what you are doing as there are no audible messages to focus on. The great news is, it’s being stored in your mind without you needing to hear anything.

NEW Dry March Recording

So here it is! My very first Dry March recording for those who would like to totally abstain from alcohol for this month. It’s a very relaxing and peaceful recording which will aid your general emotional wellbeing, as well as prepare you for an easy breeze through alcohol free month.

And yes, I am also going to include the subliminal version too. So you will receive the 25 minute recording plus the 1 hour subliminal version to have as my gift to you.

So, now you can have your cake and eat it…moderation or abstention, your choice!
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