The Weight Less Mind
Do you want to improve your relationship with food?
7 Days To Becoming the Healthier Slimmer You! Learn why food is the symptom not the cause of weight issues. The Weight Less Mind program focuses on the real reason behind the resistance to weight loss and yo-yo dieting and how to change it.
If you have struggled your entire life time or for some years to lose and/or maintain weight you maybe surprised to learn that your mind holds the key.

I don’t believe in dieting. I believe when you change your relationship with yourself, you intuitively eat and feel safe around food. Then the weight drops away, and you can start to eat without guilt or fear.

One of the goals of the programme is to help you understand that your history of weight and food is a habit that can be unlearnt.
Until you change certain thought processes about yourself and food (which is difficult to achieve consciously, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this now) then weight loss will be challenging and illusive.

I believe part of the problem is the mind is stuck on old methods of coping with life. If you use food as a way to feel better, to calm you down or to deal with stress, anger, boredom, loneliness and a way to feel safer then this on-line program is for you.
One of the most important aspects of the on-line programme is to train the brain to learn healthier coping strategies, so food is no longer an issue.

This may seem too far-fetched when you have had a history of dieting and a sense of hopelessness but please trust you have an amazing mind. You just need to give it the right tools and this programme does! 


Learn the powerful and life changing psychology theory called Inner Dialogue and how it can help you instantly change your relationship with yourself and food


Understand what personality type you are and how this is hindering you from achieving a healthier relationship with food


Learn what the neuroscientists call neuroplasticity and how this relates to weight loss


The secret zone training that well known sports people and performers know about – it’s is an integral part of weight loss too


Coping strategies to improve self-esteem, general emotional and physical wellbeing
Day 1
Learn the power of your amazing mind and how flexible it really is when it comes to making healthy changes. The secret is, you need to utilise a part of your brain in a different way that at present is stopping you from having a healthier relationship with food. This day includes your first self hypnosis recording to train your brain to think differently about you and food. The good news is, it starts straight away.
Day 2
Learn the powerful Inner Dialogue Psychology theory that will expand your understanding of why you eat more than you truly want to. This theory will show you how to move out of the unhelpful eating habits that cause you to feel unsafe, vulnerable and not trusting in your ability to intuitively eat. Understand the key inner personalities that encourage over eating and the ones that support you to eat from a healthier place. This theory is a true light bulb moment! Included is also your Inner Dialogue hypnosis recording.
Day 3
Tap into the real intuitive you who is creative with dealing with life without reaching for food. Learn how to be a more confident person who gets on with life without food in the equation. Become naturally more intuitive to your own life, so you can become more trusting in your every day thinking. Learn how to set realistic goals that are achievable, rather than make you feel helpless and trapped in vicious dieting cycle.
Day 4
Shielding. How to keep yourself protected while you are changing your relationship with food, so you can lose weight confidently without feeling observed.
Day 5
How to handle food blips, difficult situations and why trying not to be perfect with your eating can save the day! Top tips, that are easy to implement, so you can start in your everyday life feel safer around food.
Day 6
The Mind’s Eye technique. Learn what the best sport people in the world know (they use this formula to be the best at their game and you can apply it to your future food and weight life). It’s not complicated, in fact you are doing it everyday but probably not to your advantage. I’ll teach you how to trust in your eating future. Includes The Minds’ Eye hypnosis recording.
Day 7
The Domino Effect of this program in other areas of your life. When you intuitively eat, you feel more confident. This day is about how to continue building positive references with healthy habits you don’t need to question – just enjoy. Learn the second part of The Inner Dialogue theory called The Disowned Selves.
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