3 Scientifically Proven steps to becoming The Fearless Speaker you truly are!
Do you worry you don’t have the right background to be an amazing speaker? Perhaps you've seen other people who seem so natural at speaking. What if you are too?
Just STOP for a moment while I share with you a powerful programme that shows you, in just 40 minutes, how to become an amazing, charismatic speaker, irrespective of your past.
I WARN YOU, THIS IS NOT YOUR CONVENTIONAL CONCEPT; however, this tried and tested method has helped 100,000s of people all over the world become confident public speakers.
Remember, someone has to be the expert and it may as well be you and IT IS YOU!
Can you imagine being able to stand up in the boardroom to present with ease, calm and confidence? Or perhaps you know that conference you have been invited needs a damn good speaker and YOU know you could be that speaker?

Start living your professional speaker life now in just 3 amazing easy steps, right now!
SOUNDS TOO SIMPLE? Irrespective of whether you have little experience or a lot of experience in public speaking, the good news is you have incredible resources that this programme taps into.
The truth is there are many speakers out there but not all of them are that great are they? They are stiff, boring, unimaginative and can get you really irritated because you know you could do much better than they do.
There are speaker training programmes out there but they are restrictive because they don’t know what this programme knows. Our programme works on a much deeper and more profound level.

In order for you to be a confident speaker, you need to train your brain to create the right references so that you can continue to be a confident speaker. To our knowledge, this programme is the only one that can do this.
Becoming an intuitive speaker means it has to come from the core, authentic YOU. Traditional programmes can’t get to this core like we can.

Our trademark Protocol is called The Fearless Speaker and it has been helping people from New York, London, Cape Town, Sydney and more to become an incredible speaker for over 22 years.

  Come and Meet us right now!
We are Janey Lee Grace and Georgia Foster. We’ve been on the speaker circuit for years. We know speaking in public can be scary because before we used these techniques we felt like you too.
Collectively we have written 8 books, including an Amazon #1 Best seller with worldwide publishing houses such as Harper Collins and Hay House and have been in the media for many years helping people learn to be the best they can be. 
Janey is a BBC presenter and regularly speaks to over 9 million listeners on BBC Radio 2.
That is why The Daily Mail, Psychologies Magazine, The Guardian, Forbes, The Wright Stuff, Good Housekeeping, The Sunday Times, Sky News, BBC breakfast and The Morning Show, and a host of others, have invited us to be interviewed.

For many, speaking in public creates high levels of anxiety, self doubt and often stops someone who has a strong voice or experience to be heard. Negative thinking inhibits success. The Fearless Speaker helps change this thinking so that YOU can go out there and be the best speaker you know you can be.
Do you recognise the following thoughts?
  •  I am not good enough to speak to the public
  •  I don’t have enough experience
  •  People will think I am an idiot
  •  I am sure there are others who are better than me
  •  I had one bad speaking experience and now feel too scared to go out there again
  •  I know my family and friends wish me well but I don’t think they believe in me
  •  I feel alone and don’t know the tools to speak with confidence
If you ticked any of these boxes, it’s time to move on and start to learn how to be that Amazing, Authentic, Charismatic Speaker who ticks these boxes below!
  •  You don’t need a script, you just know intuitively how to speak with ease and confidence
  •  You don’t worry about what other people think
  •  You know how to articulate and get your message across, no matter the audience
  •  You easily and effortlessly communicate to 1, 5, 20 or a 100 or more people with natural calm and confidence
  •  You can think on your feet to answer any questions whether you know the answer or not
  •  You feel confident to market yourself for future speaking opportunities because you are THE EXPERT
And the good news is; nobody needs to know you are doing this programme. All people will see is a more confident YOU who goes out there and is speaking in public with a charismatic energy that ignites people’s interest to keep hearing more of what you are speaking about.

AND this programme is backed by the neuroscientists of this world! Our unique approach uses a combination of very specific hypnotic techniques, along with a powerful psychology, which includes audio and video instructions.
It’s the perfect package you need to get yourself into the groove of being a Fearless Speaker.
In our respective approaches we would charge individually £1800 for this programme but before we reveal the price for you, let’s tell you what you are going to get.
The full on-line, all you need, Fearless Speaker package:
  •  3 audio talks that take you step by step through the tools you will acquire with this programme to get you onto the speaker circuit with ease and calm
  •  3 videos to give you all the tips, tools and tricks of the trade to be the expert in your field so that you can speak confidently
  •  3 powerful self hypnosis recordings that will shift your brain thinking into what the experts know is called The Zone
  •  A powerful psychology training that will show you techniques others speakers don’t know anything about
  •  Techniques that will build the right references in your mind to trust in any future speaking moments, irrespective of your past
We don’t want to charge you the full price for our services because we now don’t need to. We were told we were stupid to put all our secrets out there but we know that it truly doesn’t cost much to be a Fearless Speaker. 
The truth is there is plenty of space and need for brilliant speakers, so it’s time to get out there!
Now, remember what we said in paragraph 7? You do have the tools to speak with confidence and it’s time to really be The Fearless Speaker you truly are.
Here’s our 100% iron clad, triple guarantee. If you don’t like our approach, for any reason, we will give you your money back within 60 days. If you don’t like our British and Australian accents we will guarantee you a refund, no questions asked. 
Experience tells us this; that you are tired of thinking about your potential as a speaker and want to move on and want your voice heard. 
We warn you, don’t try it alone. We know 1,000s of clients who have attempted the public speaker circuit with too much anxiety and feel they ruin it for themselves and the audience. You don’t have to be that person anymore.
Learn what our clients know in 3 simple steps.
Maybe you’re not quite ready to get on with your speaker life and enjoy telling the world what you know and want them to know. Maybe there always seems something in the way of your success. Or perhaps you get in the way of your own success.
We deal with all of this in 3 simple steps.
Here’s a better choice that awaits you. Imagine seeing your speaker life after downloading this special programme with these results:
  • Saying yes to any speaking gig with true confidence
  • Becoming the expert in your field
  • Naturally becoming more confident in your everyday life because you feel safer to communicate to your peers and family without fear
  • Enjoying being the authentic speaker and how this starts to effect true positive change in others who you talk to
  • Become the Influencer in your industry right now!
Our motto is to make it as easy as possible for you to become an incredible articulate, passionate, charismatic speaker right now!
Buy now so that you can avoid any future fears or embarrassing speaking moments.
Everything you need to know and learn has been put into this programme.
Happy Speaking!
Janey and Georgia
p.s. Remember the fact that worrying about speaking just makes it worse for you. Stop worrying and start living your authentic voice for the world to hear and enjoy.
p.p.s. We’ve spent collectively 48 years professionally helping people shift their thinking about their potential as a speaker. It’s our passion and we are here to help you. We guarantee you this price won’t last at £197, so click BUY NOW below!