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SLEEP WELL... The online Sleep Improvement Program
One of the main areas I treat when working privately with clients and alcohol reduction is sleep!

I don’t know how many times I have heard clients say they worry they won’t be able to sleep if they don’t drink.

Underpinning this sleep anxiety is the Inner Critic playing games with you and your mind.

The neuroscientists have confirmed that alcohol shuts down the critical part of the brain, which is why people drink. It’s not the alcohol itself, it’s the feelings it gives people and this is why people use alcohol as a sleeping pill.

What if you could train your mind to sleep better generally and move out of unhelpful, fitful, sleepless nights, whether you’re drinking or not?

What if you could train your brain to tune out of the Inner Critic before you go to sleep, so you could entice yourself into more frequent Alcohol Free Days?

My Sleep Well online recording will help train you to tune out of the Inner Critic before you go to sleep. Let’s face it; a busy brain thinking about what you 'should have done that day', 'what you should be doing tomorrow' and 'how you could be doing this and that'... is exhausting! This busy brain thinking is a habit driven by this negative voice. Another interesting point to add is that one of the key aspects of the unconscious mind is to problem solve. 

I’ll give you an example: If I asked you now... Who was the female lead in Bridget Jones’s Diary movie? If you couldn’t remember, your mind would mull over it, often irritatingly until you remembered. It could be a few days later that it dawns on you or you see Renée Zellweger in the newspaper and then your mind says yes, I remember now, and lets it go.

My point is, the inability to sleep is a mind game that the Inner Critic plays with you. It thinks that if you stay awake long enough the answers to your problems will come, just like thinking about Renée. It thinks you will have that 'remember how to resolve your problems' moment; however, we know this is far from the truth. Staying awake worrying and problem solving only exacerbates the problem and the tiredness can effect emotional well-being and clarity. In fact, it often achieves the opposite! 

Logically we know that many concerns we have will not be resolved overnight, so training your mind to recognise this is important. Not only to your sleep quality but your ability to problem solve with energy and clarity in a timely way.

My Sleep Well recording to help your mind learn to put those unhelpful thoughts to one side, so that you can sleep and enjoy alcohol free sleeps more easily and effectively.
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